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Sunday Morning

Salmon & C. Cheese, tempura-fried

Crunch Walnut

California with sesame

Double Crunch

Philadelphia with salmon

Honest food and honest drinks set the foundation of our place’s menu!

Our restaurant’s goal is to have each visitor leaving us well-fed and in a better mood than before!

That is why we put our focus on two things at once. Firstly, on maintaining our menu as fresh and diverse, as possible. And secondly, on creating the atmosphere of home-like coziness and friendliness.

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Crunch Walnut
Salmon & C. Cheese, tempura-fried

Special Offer

Philadelphia Roll - 8 Pcs

Cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, salmon, sushi rice, nori,
pickled ginger, wasabi

Restaurant with a European Cuisine

Restaurant is proud to be serving fine European dishes for more than 30 years!

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