Best Photo Studio
A high quality photography
Our works being represented on different photography expositions, we are an acknowledged photographers of great expertise and skills, working with reflex cameras for 10 years. We enjoy difficult tasks and use creative approach to photography.
Top Expertise
With experience comes trust
We work with models, and also do commercial photo projects, our photos are part of advertisement campaigns for the companies from Fortune 100 list. Our studio was entrusted with creative concepts and brought to life more than 100 exclusive ad photo shots.
Social Projects
Making world a better place
We enjoy working on social projects. In the last 5 years our skilled photographers made more than 10 photo ops to attract people’s attention to the problems of abandoned children and animal shelters. We visited poor countries and photographed homeless people.
Quality Lenses
Using modern equipment only
When you’re going for the best shot, you need to use the top quality equipment. Our professionals use only the best photo lenses with different aperture. There are several lenses we like the best for portraits, and we use completely different ones for landscapes.
Welcoming Future
Utilizing innovative approach
In our studio’s work we use the most advanced techniques in photography. We’re not afraid of bold experiments and we always welcome brave decisions, that can bring the unexpectedly great results! Enjoy the creative shots in our gallery!
Exclusive Portraits
When art becomes a part of you
Photography is an art, and a great portrait is a masterpiece. We know how to capture the littlest and most subtle details in the person’s mood and enhance them in your portrait to bring to the forth your personality in the photo shot.
Urban Projects
Noticing beauty whenever we go
Great views of the city are our studio’s passion. We like to take shots of the busy city streets on mornings when the aroma of coffee and mist mixes up and there is a subtle slumberous glow to the sky and the buildings, and the pavements are still fresh.
Retro vs Today
Good old photography techniques
We like to use old equipment to achieve an original effect when shooting modern urban views and landscapes. It's amazing how warm and unusual are the pictures shot with a film camera. There’s nothing better than a black-and-white shot.
Our Achievements
Exhibitions and Achievements
Among our studio’s multiple exhibitions we’d like to mention the one in Naples, the capital of the Italian Campania. Our works are exhibited at the Museum of Capodimonte. There are urban style projects as well as several of most successful portraits.
Creative Tandem
Working in powerful tandem
In this highly competitive world it is extremely necessary to look for great collaborators. We’ve been working with Emanuele Amighetti for different social projects to attract attention to such problems as homeless people, violence on the streets.